Want help abou this type of site


please look that site… and help me … how they did that … i want to do that soon. for one of my client… who is help me… please

Thats a bit of a general question you’ve got there? Maybe a bit more specific about what part or effect exactly?

mate take a look that site click to next then you will see match me, campaing list and campaing details… then see you need selete 1st match me then camping list then next button will be ok then again next will be come another scean and put details… then submit now then date will go somewhere

i know in flash all date comping from xml like in campaing option all date coming from xml…

so what i need ?

yea i need the whole Process in that flash from… pls help me anyone also PM me… i really need then learn bably…

Is most likey php and mySQL based. Have a search around the forums, there are a lot of good tutorials about designs php and mySQL databases. Here are a few links to get you started:

PHP and XML Tutorials.

Also i suggest some spell checking mate…

hee heee i’m not pro in english. english is not mine main language. sorry for that