Want to help?

Hello Kirupa community, i need help to develop my website, i have a restaurant and i don’t have time to make lots of things that i want to, first of all i am not designer but design has been a hobbie from a long time ago so i know how to do some things but i don’t have the time to learn how to do the things that i don’t know how to do =S

So heres my offer: i have 500 megabytes free in one of my hosts that i will give to someone that could make it just for it, i know its not too much but you will have Front page extensions, mail, mail-forwarding, CGI, ASP, PHP, unlimited monthly traffic, blah blah blah…

What do i need? back up, advice and an extra hand, sometimes i don’t even have time to browse the internet for a tutorial or to smoke ¬¬ i am not looking for someone to do all the job for me but someone that could take the time to explain me some things that i don’t have any idea of what it is, finding a tutorial, making a small script, blah blah blah…

Knowledge: Flash, AS, Animation, PS, artistic skills, corel, pro-tools/acid. Expert skills are not needed but the more you know the best =D

1- I know there is a very similar post from PrettyBoy that’s how i got the idea of posting this.
2- I made a post asking for suggestions to 3d Nirvana and Jasninder, and someone said that it seemed that i wanted them to “teach me step by step” i don’t want that and it won’t be necessary, i just don’t have time. I was asking for advice based on their own experience.
3- If you have any questions post/mail me.

Thank you