Want to start a buisness?

Greetings. My name is Romking102, and I enjoy working in Flash MX.

Problem is, I really am bad at it. My drawing leaves a lot to be desired, and animation is way out of my leuge.

I am however, an EXCELLENT script writer.

Comedy, adventure, action, drama, you name it, I can make a good story out of it (except maybe for romance).

Which is where you guys come in.

I need a team of at least 3 (including myself) who would like to make and contribute flash animations to

I need a great artist, someone who’s a whiz with that pencil.

I also need an animation expert, preferably one who can read, write, and use ActionScript.

If you are unfamiliar with http://www.newgrounds.com , it is a “portal” site, in which people submit their flash work and watch what the people think of it. I reccomend checking it out.

If you are interested in applying, we can start up our own “buisness”, get a web page, and bring many great movies to Newgrounds.

Please send an e-mail (along with an example of your work in .fla or .swf format) to: [email protected]


i am an animator who just happens to know actionscript quite well. i would love to be involved in a project.
feel free to contact me through the link below.