WANTED: Excellent Programmer for game idea

I have a really good(in my opinion) idea for a somewhat original game, and i have scowered the internet but just can’t find what i am looking for.

I want to make a game, that is kinda a mix between… Flash portal, and double wires.

What it would be is a guy, with a grappling hook in leves kinda like flash portal. The hook, on his arms, follows your mouse and when you click on a wall or ceiling, the hook shoots out with a rope and pulls you towards it as you try to reach the door, and the force of inertia keeps you moving towards the direction you were pulled. The tricky part is tho, you can’t move with arrow keys or anything. Say you wanted to move accross a gap to the other side? Well, you would shoot on the ceiling and the further you shot away from you, because of gravity, you would swing more distance. See what i’m saying? So you have to navigate the levels using only your mouse.

So i was wondering if anyone wanted to help me. I would give full credit, you can even have the game if you do all of it, but is there anyone out there who can help me?