Wanted: Static webpage design

Hello everyone,

I am looking for someone to slightly update the look of the following static Web page:


I will need:

  • Updated color scheme revolving around a similar “gray” currently present in the. Maybe some blending. AND SOME GOOD FONTS AND COLORS!
  • Update images for menu links.
  • Image to be placed and blended to match the page in the currently image table holder(Say what? That thing below the menu items).

I would like this webpage viewable in IE, Firefox and Safari(I can test any of these easily if someone lacks access to one) and viewable in as many screen sizes as possible.

I am looking to pay between $40 and $100. I don’t mind hiring someone without much experience. EVERYONE interested is encouraged to PM me. :hugegrin:

I wouldn’t think this would require someone more than a few hours of their time.

Hope to hear from you!