Wanting a Smooth Transition Between Loaded Movie Clips

I’m sure there is a pretty easy answer to my question so I am hoping someone will be able to help me out.

I have approximately five external movies I am loading into one main movie. I load the movies using various buttons in the main movie.

My issue is this…

I press a button and the first movie loads and then runs to the end of the timeline. Works great.

When a push a second button the second movie loads and runs to the end of the timeline. Works great also.

But I hate how there is a blank space between the movies.

All the movies start with a white stage and end with full graphics. When I press a second button, the movie on the stage disappears immediately and I am left with a white stage for a few seconds while the loading movie animates onto the stage.

I want there to be a cross-fade or some effect that allows the loaded movie to remain on the stage while the second movie is loading. Is there a way to make this happen?

I’m including the code I have for loading movies so you can see what I am working with thus far.

Here is the code:

loadMovie (“Quest Wall Animation.swf”, “_root.content”);
loadMovie (“Directions Wall Animation.swf”, “_root.content”);
loadMovie (“Tonga Wall Animation.swf”, “_root.content”);
loadMovie (“Spin Wall Animation.swf”, “_root.content”);
loadMovie (“Silhouette Wall Animation.swf”, “_root.content”);

Any assistance is greatly appreciated.