War3: What is your record for auras/spells on hero?

Hey everyone,
Just out of curiosity, how many auras and spells can you get to display in your spell/aura status area? (see attached image) The most I have been able to get is 8, but if I had been hit with a spell like poison/freeze/slow, it could very well go higher.

Screenshots are preferred :stuck_out_tongue:

Kirupa :slight_smile:

I wish I knew what you were talking about :crazy:


hehe - I bet people who play War3 would say the same thing :slight_smile:

LOL. That is pretty hard-core kirupa. I can’t say I’ve ever tried for that before. I’m on battle.net as Captain_Murphy so if you see me, we’ll have to play. :smiley: Good luck with the buffs… :wink: