Warcraft 3 Map trouble

Ok, I downloaded some custom maps from the blizzard website and http://maps.worldofwar.net but when I try and run them in warcraft 3 (frozen throne) the menus go up as they do when a game is starting, but then the immediately come back down again. I try opening them up in worldedit, but that doesn’t work. It just crashes. Any ideas? :frowning:

never happend to me sorry man. did you try contacting blizzard about this?

I can’t, sadly, it’s my friend’s disk. And because he didn’t want me using his CD key (for obvious reasons) I had to get a fake one.

oo that sucks. sory cant help ya man. good luck.

wait i thought that if you used a fake CD-KEY it wont let you on bnet. you can get on bnet?


That’s your problem then. You’ve been locked out due to the fake serial. Go out and buy it.

yep thats it. thats why you cant play cuz of the fake CD-KEY and the only way is to buy the game.

GWing - Down boy! Down! :smiley:

MA C1RCA - Yeah, I had a feeling about that. However, some of them work. And I know one didn’t work because I got the error message “file size to big for caching” or something along those lines, so I’m not completely sure that’s the cause. Actually, if you could maybe do one small favour and see if this map (http://ftp.blizzard.com/pub/war3/maps/(6)BlizzardTD.zip) works for you, that would be awesome. Thanks, because the only maps I seem to be having trouble with are the custom trigger ones, like the tower defence ones.

Maybe you should post your system specs? could you just be low on memory or simmilar?