Watch iphone movies, Resources

The video quality in 3.5 inch screen is perfect, you never see it in other portable devices. You can enjoy your favorite films; see TV plays whenever and wherever; enjoy videos; play music. It takes high technology to allow you operate your screen freely. You can set broad display or cancel whole mode.
Iphone displays computer videos also need iTunes software (download from iphone site) to make them in-phase with iphone. The files format must be iphone supports. If iphone can’t support the video format, then iTunes will tell you that it can’t play videos in phase. You can use iTunes to convert format. You can go iphone site to see more information.
You can [COLOR=red]go here[/COLOR]
to learn more information. It provides you more methods as following: change iphone wallpaper; youtube videos online; transform your favorite video image to wallpaper and so on. In addition, there are lots of wonderful iphone wallpapers, you can free download them.