Water effect

Hi all,
In Flash ,How to create a water effect?
Any one knows please reply me soon.
expecting ur reply.

I think you should be more specific… What water effect? A drop in a lake? water falling? The ocean? A beach and teh sea?

Maybe this specification will help other people to understand what you really want

sorry for not mentioning…
i need water effect in ocean…
help me.

What, like rippling and swells? Use a gentle ocean ripple effect in photoshop on the image you’re using then import the pic to flash. Then use another ocean ripple on the same pic (that already had a ripple) and put it in flash too. Do this for about five or six pics and then put each pic in a frame (or 2) in flash so it plays like a ripple pic. Then to make it loop, take all but the last frame and put them after that frame in reverse so it goes back to the first one. then it will loop. If you don’t understand I will make it for you and post the fla.