$$$ We need FMX2004PRO developers ASAP $$$

My name is Maverick Blair. I am the Creative Director and owner of web and software design studio. Our company has a project that has had the delivery date moved up. I need experienced designer/developeres that work with AS 2.0 and Flash MX 2004 PRO. I must see proven past work. For those that are experienced with at least 2+ full years of working with Flash MX and/or FMX 2004, this will be easy money.

This project is a mathamatical educational tutorial geared toward students. The project is made of about 70 slides. Each slide averages about 16-22 frames and includes audio files for each frame event.

A designer will be provided with:

  1. .FLA file
  2. .WAV files (the wav files are broken up into a small file for each of use with animations and events)
  3. .DOC file (the doc file shows the narration, imagery, and timing for each frame)

every designer must be available for contact via (any of the instant messengers (yahoo, aol, msn), email, and phone).

I will need at least 2 slides completed a day. I don’t wish to discuss payment on here but I will say that which ever designer completes the most “approved” slides, will receive a $1000.00 bonus on top of regular pay.

Let me stress this project is for kids, you must have a “creative eye” and experience with AS. This project is being developed in FlashMX2004PRO. An example of some of the AS needed is drag, drop, calculate, redirect based on calculation, duplicate mc, etc.

We have 3 in-house artist (3D animation, graphics, and flash developer) working on this project as well but we need to put a rush on it. You will be working closely with me. You can work from home or where ever.

if you are interested, please contact me via email of my cell phone and we can discuss pay and more detail about the project.

thank you for your interest,

Maverick Blair
creative director
[email protected]

I believe this should be moved to the job offers forum

No takers eh?

Too bad I don’t have Pro or I’d snatch it in a heartbeat.

I got pro

Phone call placed, get back to me :wink:

well, if you’d except international designers. I’m interested.

Can work while YOU sleep, wake up to yesterday’s quota the next morning!!


I’m available for all aspects of Flash development from Flash video to ActionScript. One of the projects I’m currently working on is a virtual tour, fully updatable and dynamic.

Portfolio: http://www.finksmart.net

Thanks for your time.