Web design name

im in the process of starting to design the flash site for my web design company but im struggling for a name any ideas ive thought of pretty crappy ones up to know for instance mirage web design and typhoon web design after my current site typhoon extensions

all ideas wanted


p.s needs to be catchy yet professional

what kind of services are you looking to offer?

well basically full flash, html, php, agp and most other types of web design and also just creating flash animation for peoples ready built sites but i havent quite finalised everything yet thats just the basics we are going to be offering i have got sum orders in for a insurance site which is just html with PHP support for online orders etc but i really need to sort out a site for more business


Man, tough call…

business names are such a personal thing.

I am partial to names that have nothing to do with the techinical side of things.

I’ll tell you ones I like, and perhaps it will spark some ideas…

Friends of Ed
Fig Leaf software


In other words… just pick some words, things, animals that you like and go to down.

Baboon Designs
Ocelot Systems
BrightLight Designs (hmm… I like that one)

…I could go all day…heheheheheh

think u gimmi a few ideas there I am obbsessed with a car called the nova so i might use that or maybe pro create but i might have to use Brightlight designs



I love novas too!! Currently I am building a '75… right now I am waiting to complete the new +450hp power plant I am swaping into it - long live the nova, good to see someone else out there.


you could be:

The Momma’ Honkers
The Backyard Design Boys
The Booty Design Crew
To Tough Productions
Flash across your Ass Studios
Deez Nutts Squared
Flash in the Pan Productions
Funky Finger Productions
Flash Funk
Funky Flash
Flash cubed productions
The Ben-Nes Boys
Flash yo’ Momma

These are just some suggestions.

i have decided to use pro creations Thanks montoya for the pro create idea just edited it abit think it is professional enough but pretty catchy



before I get sued…

the section where I included

Friends of Ed

those are all existent, copyrighted names… It was just an example. (Rumba is not in existance anymore)

The names below Discreet I made up…

Is Flashturbators still available? :slight_smile:

ill check to see if pro creations is taken and if its free ill have it otherwise ill use summet else