Web game: Psychopath 2

Hey guys, I’m new here. Been a fan of Kirupa’s work for ages just haven’t registered for the forums yet. I’ve been posting quite a bit on FlashKit; however, as much as I love helping people with their work, I can’t stand FlashKit’s website (that banner at the top sounds whenever you mouseover “Type a message and hear me speak it!” - gets very annoying … if you know what I’m talking about)

Anyway, moving on from the random introduction - I’ve been working on a Flash game of mine for my company K2xL (www.k2xl.com).

I would like to point my game out to you guys and would love to hear what you guys/girls think.

Psychopath 2

It’s a sequel to my first puzzle game Psychopath. You can see that game and the rest of mine on my website K2xL.

It’s in beta so registration right now is required (sorry! it only takes 10 seconds)! Plus registering will save your progress, created worlds and levels, and statistics.