Web hosts

Ghey question. Are there any webhosts out there offering plans for $5 or less a month?

I guess the reactions gonna be “ARE YOU ****ING CRAZY!?” or “You’re blind, there are so many out there!! You lazy ***!!” :hugegrin:

p.s… one last question… what the heck is this supposed to be :inc:

http://tntpowerhost.com 5 dollers a month, comes with 500mb and everything. unlimted mysql and unlimted like almost everything e-mail acounts and all sorts of stuff

Try holding your mouse over it for a couple of seconds.

can someone tell me what webhost means??
Im so outta here…

jesus exorcist.

a web host is a place where yer web site is holded on…

a web page is where everyone can see yer creative mind. . some people do it cuzz there boerd. i do it to get girls


THNX idoik

To get girls… wow… thats a use I never thought of. Really. Thought I doubt anyone would like me :frowning:

feels all alloooone

I NEED A HUG!! runs to Kirupa

:sure: :lol:

well gets me to 3rd base

No my friend, third base is on the opposite side of the field. :smiley:


nice thinkin

no it isnt… wait… no… 2nd is! or no… um… yes… ok i dont get it :frowning:

Yes there are. I have a host, of € 2.50 a month. But it’s a Dutch server/host. But if you really want it. You can just mail them, so they can help you out.

NO! use tnt for the love of god


(i work for them:P)

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How many bases does a baseball field have??

1 dollar a month.

But is it good??

I think I’ll go for tnt… they give more bandwidth anyway :slight_smile: