Web page development question

Alright, this question might seem a little bit noob, but I have laid out my design that I want to do in photoshop and I would like to make it into a web page, but I have no idea how to. I would prefer to stay away from fireworks and all other things like fireworks… and keep it between Photoshop and Dreamweaver. Heres the IMG if you would like to take a look at what im trying to do: http://www.m4dbr0s.com/img/m4dbr0s-template.jpg

So if anybody has an idea on how I can do this the best way or anything please let me know. Thanks a lot!

Oh, and if Fireworks is the only way… can I create a Slice that has scrolling capabilities?

Hi there.
Seems like I’m as new to this forum as you are to web design!

Anyways, as far as your question goes, most people would probably tell you to stop being lazy and just learn some basic HTML and although I would mostly share that view, I know how it feels to “just not be arsed” sometimes so here’s my advice…

You could import your picture into Dreamweaver and have it slice up your image and distribute it into cells in a table giving the impression that it looks exactly like it does in your fancy image-editting program without any problems and then a blank cell in the middle would be used for your content. Dreamweaver would also allow you to just place your image on a page and construct what’s known as an “image map” which allows you to select areas of the picture, give each area the location of the file it should point to and hey-presto! Either way, Dreamweaver’s definately for you if you can’t be bothered.

Thanks alot! but I’m not exactly new to web design at all… I just have been taught under using fireworks and other web sites that dont use images… but more of a table layout :S

Ah right! Sorry if I insulted you if it seemed I was talking down to you. Well if you have a little bit or more HTML knowledge, Dreamweaver is definately the way to go.

Ahh… no prob at all… I didnt take it as an insult really… but thanks for the advice… its going good with the images now.

Photoshop comes bundled with a program called ImageReady ( go to File/JumpTo/ImageReady ) that is capable of slicing up an image, and exporting a group of images, as well as an HTML file… its pretty nifty, and it was my weapon of choice when creating HTML graphical user interfaces…

Good to hear man!
Sorry to keep banging on about Dreamweaver but it offers similar capabilities.

But if you’re pretty proficient with Photoshop, then ImageReady (which I use too) is perfect for you! Lucky guy!

Good luck and all the best