Web Servers!

I am VERY VERY new to dedicated web servers. I want to buy one and make accounts for other users etc. Does anyone have a good web site that tells you EVERYTHING you need to know about them, how to install software on them and how to operate them.

WHat is the best OS to install?

How do you set up DNS?

any tips and hints you can give me will be helpful!

thanks alot!!!

That kind of information won’t be found on a single site, nor will it likely be found in a single book. Much of what you need to know to administer a web server, be it Windows, Unix, Linux, or some other OS, is best learned via the School of Hard Knocks.

how about knowing just the basics?

When picking an OS it all depends on what you plan to run on your server. If you are going to run php, then i’d go with linux red hat. If you are gonna use ASP then i’d go with windows server 2003