Web service advice

hi everyone! i’m beginning to upload my new site but i wanted to ask you guys first before doing so.

i’m wonderin’ where to upload my new site because i’m runnin’ it for free. i mean i don’t have money to buy for a -.com- site.
i can only use a -.cjb.net- site.

my last website is still in geocities. their free service has a small adverticement at the right corner.

i’m trying the brinkster.com but it has a low bandwidth limit. i tried uploading my site there but i can open my site only once a day.

in tripod, there’s a big advertisement at the top.

i don’t know anything else that offers better services for free and has lesser advertisement. pls pls help!!!

don’t mind the grammar. i’m a Filipino!

I can get you 50mb, and 500mb transfer for free, just e-mail me for more info. [email protected] … also I never could understand why, your a Filipino, but your from Philippines … would that make you a Philipino? So confusing, oh well atleast you get the cool nickname of Flip :smiley:

www.dk3.com ?

They are some good free hosting sites

tnx for replying guys. by the way what does 500mb transfer do?
in brinkster.com, free service also has 500mb transfer. but i don’t know what it means. sorry. and how will i know if this certain services are not like brinkster (low bandwidth) which didn’t satisfied me because i can open my site only once a day. unlike in geocities, there’s no problem opening my old site. i can open my site multiple times a day. but with the 15mb capacity, brinkster is better. sorry if it get’s you confused.

people in Canada = Canadians
people in italy = Italians
people in China = Chinese
people in Philippines = Filipinos

tnx guys!!! i really appreciate it!:phil:

you can get very good hosting from www.asianillusion.com … you get a yourname.asianillusion.com name, 200 megs, unlimited bandwidth, php, mysql, perl and a few other things as well :slight_smile:

Yea, I heard it was pretty good, the hoster’s site isn’t done yet, but i’m sure their hosting service is running perfectly.

asian illusion is great. but it’s not yet done. is there other web hosting services. with unlimited bandwidth i guest. i can prefer at least 15mb of space. but NO advertisement.

asianillusion, the site it self isn’t done, but the hosting is great and working, he’s currently doing like…5 people already within 2 weeks since it started, it has no ads, banner…nothing, it offers 200mb of space, all free, no catch…

by the way, there are some things i don’t understand like, unlimited bandwidth, 500mb transfer. is this things important?

Well, depending on the traffic on your site. If your expecting tons (1000+ per day), then you might need more bandwith, but it doesn’t matter on my server.

tnx!!! just notify me if the hosting is now available. ok? tnx!

Yea, it’s avaliable. Goto his site, click on Hosting

but there’s no other link than contact me. is that mean i will e-mail the webmaster?

yea, you have to e-mail the webmaster and he’ll set it up for you…he’s reall nice…

yeah… “he”… :-\ :stuck_out_tongue:

i’m pretty sure it’s a “he” ahmed…:slight_smile:

this catches me on my mind but i think the person i am going to e-mail is you? because you are Maxtr0sity and the person’s e-mail add is [email protected]
just lol if i’m wrong ok? hehehe

lmao…it’s about time you find out…:)…me and ahmed are in on this the whole time…:slight_smile:

lol :wink:

it’s max’s site… this guy ahmed just helps him… :stuck_out_tongue:

lol…yea…just helps…:slight_smile: