Web Site Hosting

I’m making a web site for my uncle’s landscaping business right now. It’s a pretty big job, and a good opportunity to show what I can do. I’m making the site on flash. I’m gonna be adding a video as he requested on it as well.

I was wondering after I make the site, I’ll have to upload it to a server (is that the right term) or a host. Where is the best place to put up a site at a good price. He want’s a .com.

He actually wants two different addresses to come to the same one web site. Is that possible?

When getting a host, how do you go about putting your name of the site, and pay for it? I’m only familiar with the free geocities host for my fan site. lol. And that’s definitely not a good place to put a site. The advertisements are ridiculous!

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.