Webdesigners and artists wanted @ Project Xenocide


First off - ** what is Project Xenocide? **

We are an international team recreating the experience we enjoyed from the legendary game ‘XCOM: UFO DEFENSE’. It’s #12 in IGN’s top 100 of all time. Take a look at http://top100.ign.com/2005/011-020.html

A great deal of progress has been made. Yet the time has come we need additional help from dedicated artists. The project is covered by the Creative Commons license, which means that all contributions remain property of the creator. As Xenocide is an Open Source project, we are not an official organisation, but we are highly organised. We all wish to get the game produced as quickly as possible. That makes us extremely dedicated to our cause.

Our project offers an exciting environment. It also gives you the opportunity to relax and meet a variety of people from across the world. We are a diverse team that would like to have more people to join us. Talent in any area of art is welcome. If you feel you have what it takes to be a Xenocide Developer, apply now at [email protected].

Best regards,

Luke Williams (dipstick) - Creative Text Department / PR Responsible

and the department leaders:

Federico Lois (Red Knight) - Project Leader
Aaron R. Dickey (Vaaish) - Senior Member - Head of Art Department
Matias Laino (Azrael) - Senior Member - Head of Creative Text Department
Thomas Torfs (ATeX) - Senior Member - Head of Sound Department / PR Responsible
Jan Eickmann (Rincewind) - Senior Member - Head of Programming Department

[email protected]