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Well, I just felt like spamming the random section because i don’t have my own blog. And if I did, this would be the only entry.

I have been thinking over the last couple months. Why haven’t i had any serious money jobs. My skills are on par, I work fast, I’m great at closing deals, what gives?

I have been freelancing full time now for a 'lil bit, but well, the money is average and I’m busting my *** trying to get everything done on time. There’s just got to be a better way.

I’ve tried all the regular routes, Craigslist, ScriptLance, RentACoder, here;). But well, I just feel that people do not want to pay what any of us are worth. I have been doing some thinking on this and i have targetted my problem to one thing, I’m doing small jobs. I’m fixing other peoples mistakes and not really having alot to show for it. Try explaining the uber-complicated dynamic php news thing you added to a flash template to your next client. They don’t care.

Clients pay money for big flashy(context insensitive) websites that brand their business well and showcase their products in a personalized way. Then when the guy who built the pretty animated, over stylized site has no idea how to actually deploy it correctly. Thats where a guy like me comes in. They have a little money left over to clean up the mess, thats my pocket change.

I have come to realize that the only way to get the real money in this web frenzy is to be the guy deploying the front end and sealing a total package from start to finish. Then the client will come back with their pocket change when they need that extra thing.

I have been looking at business information, reading books and studying like crazy on this however I don’t have a business degree. This discourages me from taking a chance. I’m pretty sure i have what i need to pull it off, but it scares the life out of me.

I know I have the resources avaliable(you know who you all are). And I’m very confident I can handle a recruiting process. I am very technical so I can tell if the person I am dealing with is capable of what he claims.

A friend of mine turned me on to the canadian business grants that are avaliable, this is what really got me thinking. The canadian government is dumping money into business start-ups like theres no tomorrow. I have read their criteria, and I fall within their gaping guidelines.

So i need some input from you guys. What do you think? Alot of you know me quite well, you should be able to make a reasonably accurate assumpion. Has anybody else here ever been through this? Has it worked? Give me horror stories too, i want to know.

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