Webpage usage in flash.......HELP!

I’ve few web pages on a site where they enter/modify data using the links,i want to show all this features, as how they work in a flash movie.any suggestions…

yeah, express yourself more clearly.

:wink: … yeah that post needs to be reposted so we can understand what you’re asking. :slight_smile:

what i mean is that, to create a presentation of the functionality the web software has, in Macromedia Flash.thank you in advance for the help you provide…

functionaltiy of web software?

what software?

I am sooo intelligent that maybe I understood what is requested…grin :slight_smile:
Sounds like the purpose is to build s’thing like a help system on autoplay, a demo of the ‘things’ features, like the cursor moving, a menu drops down, some text box appears with the explanation and so on…'s that right?
If yes, it can be done quite easily in Flash, basic animation…
If no, I’m dumb grin grin :wink:

And yes, what is this ‘thing’ / software ?

Yes, joe! u got it correct,something like how to navigate between pages, how to search,how to login…these kind of functionalities i’ve to show on a movie clip in flash.
help me out as where i should start working on…

Well, it all depends on how you want to present things…do you want a complete tutorial for everything, or just small bits for each task, and where should this be located regarding your content, should it be visible all the time, or just by clicking on ‘help’…and so on…you need to be more specific.

Do you have a system already working on a web page? Something which you are trying to explain to viewers?

Yes, i want to make a tutorial for everything in one flash movie, which should have different demo for each task, this can be shown only when they click the Flash-Help sign…it’s like having the first screen to select a demo,when he/she clicks, show how things work for that particular functionality, and return to the first screen.


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