Webservice help

I am trying to pass an object to a web service call in flash. I need the output of the webservice call to have multiple questions with the same xml tag name.

//setup webservice
var webService:WebService;
webService= new WebService(ws);

//create object to pass to the service
var SurveyRequest:Object = new Object;
SurveyRequest.surveyName = “my survey”;
SurveyRequest.question = getAnswer();

//pass object into webservice
var IDResult:Object = new Object();
IDResult = webService.getRequest(SurveyRequest);

//handle webservice result
IDResult.onResult = function(result)

//function to return an object containing the question data
public function getAnswer():Object
var Q0:Object = new Object;
var A0:Object = new Object;
A0.answer = “my answer”;
Q0.answer = A0;
Q0.qTitle = “my question”;

return Q0;

When the webService.getRequest(SurveyRequest); is called, it creates an xml structure similar to…

<surveyName>my survey</surveyName>
<question><qTitle>my question</qTitle><answer>my answer</answer></question>

What I need is to have multiple questions added to the survey, but they must have the same tag name.
It should look something like

<surveyName>my survey</surveyName>
<question><qTitle>my question</qTitle><answer>my answer</answer></question>
<question><qTitle>my question2</qTitle><answer>my answer2</answer></question>
<question><qTitle>my question3</qTitle><answer>my answer3</answer></question>

Thank you for your help .