hi There, I’ve a doubt about a job done, but now it’s need to be modified, thing is the flash file feeds the info from a public and free WebService, in this case I’m using drop down components so people can choose between us dollar or euro, then compare this option to mexican peso and then, place the conversion in some text field, now my client needs this automatic, this means, user do not have to click nothing, just a text with this info:

US Dollar: 10.278 / Euro: 12.987

is this possible?, my actionscript is this:

// Inicio cambios de estilos de DropDowns componentes

cmbMoneda1.setStyle(“selectionColor”, 0xFFFFFF);
cmbMoneda1.setStyle(“rollOverColor”, 0xA0ADC0);
cmbMoneda1.setStyle(“backgroundColor”, 0xFFFFFF);
cmbMoneda2.setStyle(“selectionColor”, 0xFFFFFF);
cmbMoneda2.setStyle(“rollOverColor”, 0xA0ADC0);
cmbMoneda2.setStyle(“backgroundColor”, 0xFFFFFF);

// Fin cambios de estilos de DropDowns componentes


// Inicio Funcion Cambio de Divisas

//Creamos un objeto nuevo del tipo objeto
var on_Release = new Object();
//Declaramos la función que se va a realizar cuando se haga clic
on_Release.click = function(evt) {
//Limpiamos la caja de texto
txtCambio.text = “”;
//Lanza la función del webservice
//Asignamos el Listener al componente botón
botCambio.addEventListener(“click”, on_Release);

// Fin Funcion Cambio de Divisas

You can check the .FLA file on



check the .SWF file on:


hope somebody here can help me on this, thanks a lot!!!