Website construction flash and css

hi all,

its the 3rd time i write this, i dont know how to put it. so i will do it like a list this time.

Location: Italy
Employer: Moi!
*Needed work: 2 or 3 websites (css, flash, xml, xhtml)
**Payment amount: i have no idea how this works
Payment terms: To be discussed
Deadline: No rush
Useful but not required: php

lets see… i think that is all. rigth?!

*1 website is for a product presentation. so it can be made almost entirely by Flash, the other 2 are fuller, so it will need to be flash embeded (i think)
**I am hoping that this wont be the only job i can offer you, but because its the first i have a low budget. please keep your prices reasonable.

my email for first contact is shellmate8 at yahoo dot com

i hope i got it right this time. :slight_smile:

thank you all