Website for an art exhibition

Here’s my new website for an art exhibition we are organizing in brussels, please check this out : The site is available in french, english and dutch, comments and critiques are welcome :),

looks real good. everything’s smooth. good job.

looks nice! could use some sound though!


Thanks ,
3d nirvana you’re right. I was thinking adding sound to make it more alive…

Hey there Ubik. The website looks good because its smooth in transitions and is set out well. I would like to see something extra though. With selecting the languages, on rollover, maybe put text “english” or whatever intsead of just clicking the button. I would like to see some more vibrancy with the menu nav as well. See if a coloured bg might do something too.

You’re right, good idea the rollover, i’ll see what i can do tor the menu, and yes a background is a good idea too, thanks for the comments man ! Did you check the virtual visit ? (button with the building under the logo)

nice site, smooth, clean, just the way i like it, but if i may give you a tip, since i’m from belgium too, and i’m aware of the problem, i’d change the belgian flag for french and dutch into a french flag and a dutch flag, that would make things more clear, but that’s just a detail :slight_smile:

great job :thumb:

Hey thanks ruff ryder,
In fact, for the flag, that’s what i did in the beginning but some people told that it would hurt some sensibility to have a french flag and a dutch flag, kind of stupid isn’t it :sigh: but you’re right, i guess i’ll change it :slight_smile: