Website position in Dreamweaver

Hi there!
I have sever flash animations and, Dreamweaver automaticaly jerks them to the top left. How can I have it in the middle?

Try this, it will center your page even if the browser window is rescaled.

<table width="100%" height="100%">
<td width="100%" height="100%" align="center" valign="middle">

Flash embed code here


hmm, hey bradah,
It kinda screw things up, my site was made originaly in fireworks, so when I exported it it broke up my images in to smaller slices…
I tried adding the code to each image, no avail!
Please help Oh Super Geek Buddah!
Brodah Russian…

You didnt say anything about that in the first post, you said you had a flash animation. What is the link to your site, let me look at it.

Sorry dude, I ain’t too good in discripiton…
Tell me what u think, none of the links workyet, got some rollovers going though… Any suggetions?
Now that I think about it, can i drop a louding bar on the whole page?
Brodah Russian,

Thanks Brodah guys!

Okay I fixed your HTML so that your layout is centered. I also attached the HTML page, just rename it and upload it to your server.

Hey Thanks Brodah Electro!

Sorry man, it does position my page right, but it also inserts alot of brakes in the middle of the images, shifts stuff out of place…