Website Reviews

Hi guys,

I’m a self taught front end dev and attempting to make the leap as a full time dev now. I’ve taken on a few branding and web design/development projects over the past two years to get my dev skills up. Would really apperciate any feedback on my work as I’m a little nervious about if I’m ready or not.

Thanks for your time!

These look really well done. The colors, the text, and even the little animations add a nice touch. How did you come up with your design? Did you work with a designer?

Hey kirupa, Thanks so much for the feedback. I did the designs myself. Btw just purchased your Learning React book and I’m enjoying it so far. Hoping to create my first react web app through it!

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All the more impressive then! :slight_smile:

Minimalist design is definitely good. But I guess the text on your second website should be a bit larger, especially on giving tips. Overall, it’s nice. I guess it will be awesome if you can add some photos. It will be more pleasing to the eyes and interesting especially with the available foods on the restaurant website.

Well. Your web-site looks good! I like minimalist designs!