I just got word that I got a package from seneca (college in ontario) today! That might mean I’m in… woohoo! A life in digital art here I come. :slight_smile:

I gotta go home and check now, 3 hours left… ICK!

how think is the package :slight_smile: That’s usally the tell tale sign

well she said that it was by curior. i dont think they would send a rejection letter by express post. :geek:

the clown college does… Starts Crying

hehe I Hope its good news and Congratulations =)

I was gonna go to clown college. Then they said I was too cool for them. (:

Thanks. 1 hour left to see!

I fell twice because of the big shoes in the qualifying round…
And my time getting out of the little car was… well… sad…

So i was rejected… But… Next time, Im studying up, and making balloon animals, dringing raw eggs and training hard… and i will be … good sigh A Clown!!! smiles big looking at the sky

=) lol

I hope it comes true. I really do. You can live my dream of being a clown for me. Sound good?

tear yes… that sounds great, and… bites lip an honor tear

lol =)

there there raydred. tries to comfort hawaii shirt beer drinker boy with cool quotes

let us all know… I wish you well