Week 6 - Progress Report (video!)

Um, well Last one I posted here was Week 1… so if you want to keep tabs in between one and 6, go to the link in the signature.

Well I’ll just post the video here, so I won’t explain much, if you want read the stuff in the official progress repot.

Sorry no audio, and somone messaged me while recording.

And for people who wander about speed… I have Flex2 open, Visual Studio 2005, SQL Server Management 2005 thingy, the game server, 2 instances of the game, and a few odds and ins…

And I had no drop in frame rate from my max… which is kinda cool… since I expect there to be much more on screen obviously than there is now, but still… very smooth fps as of yet.

The game is capped at 10fps, so that everyone see’s the same stuff kinda.