Weekly babe at b-man.dk

i was check out b-man and i clicked on the babe of the week. All i can say is g’dam and who is that girl… ANyone know who she is, i mean g’dam! lol thought i would share it with all the guys of the forum haha

I think that’s a 3d render :wink:
But then again I could be wrong, and if I am, I have no idea who “she” is.

Yeah that’s a render . . .

. . . but I was the model. :wink:

…who’s b-man.dk? :ne:

**edit: sorry, didn’t work the first time for some reason :ne: **

That’s not a render for sure. Looks to real…

Hah! No way that’s a render… It just can’t be.

Can anybody post a link? For some reason I can’t find the link on b-man’s page :frowning: [size=1]I want to see!![/size]


Oh. OK.




looks a bit likr caprice

Yep thats what i was gunna say, looks like caprice to me.
its a photo.

Having studied the image most closely I concur. She’s real. Very real. :stunned:

Now must go and lie down for a while, perchance to dream… :wink:

caprice page http://www.sexydesktop.co.uk/caprice.htm

see what you think?? :p:

Sweet :beam:

I don’t think that’s a render either … too sweet :wink:

no it’s not a render it’s defintely the model Caprice :drool:

No way thats a render.

But thanks for the memories :love:

I wish their desktops came in different sizes. I put one of Tara Reid as my desktop, it made her face all fat because it spread it. I have a 17" widescreen laptop. It doesn’t like many dekstops, have to resize them all in photoshop or add borders or something. Oh well. Fat Tara Reid or not she is still bangin.

hell yeah :drool:

if thats a render there are prob a lot of men around the world feeling a bit ‘sad’ after they have just wasted 5 mins of their life staring and doing other stuff :)…not that I’m implying anything.