Weight conversion calculator - HELP!

Hi there,

I hope someone can help?!

I have attached a body mass calculator movie and I have been trying to edit this movie to meet my requirements, with not much success.

What i am trying to do:

I am trying to create medical dosage calculator. What this is - it will allow patients to enter their weight in stones - pounds and then depending on their weight it determines how much medication they need - for example 100mg. It is to help patients asertain if they are on the correct dosage and not over medicated - this calculator will allow them to be able to work out their dosage correctly.

This is how i envisioned it working: Patients would be required first to enter their weight in stones and pounds which would automatically be converted into kg - the kg will then determine the dosage.

Therefore two input boxes would be required, one for stones one for pounds. If the pounds box is the only one filled in / for example the user only knows their weight in pounds the stones box can be left blank. They would then click a ‘calculate’ button and their dosage - for example - 100ml would appear. Depending on the weight converted from stones and pounds to kg is then used to calculate the dosage.

I have tried endlessly to edit the attached file without any success. I think this is just too complex for me. So i thought i’d see if anyone might be able to help! I don’t think it is that far removed from this body mass calculator i have attached, but i it just screws up when i try editing this to fit my requirements. If anyone have made something like this before, or know where i might find a template that would help I’d appreciate it if you point me in the right direction. Or if anyone is an expert and it is relatively simple and not too far removed from the attached file perhaps have a look at the attachment and let me know what need to be done I’d be ever so grateful!

Thank you