Weird behaviour with colorTransform and nested movieclips


Hey there,

I’m getting nuts on a really weird problem using colorTransform.
See here

There is an parent_mc that contains several child_mcs. I use colorTransform to change the color of either one or more child_mcs or the complete parent_mc.

When you change the color for the parent_mc like this:

trans = new Transform( parent_mc )
colorTrans.rgb = colorOut;
trans.colorTransform = colorTrans;

it colors all child_mcs the way expected. But thereafter the transform wont work anymore for an single child_mc:

trans = new Transform( parent_mc.child1 )
colorTrans.rgb = colorOver;
trans.colorTransform = colorTrans;

You can check out the FLA here: download
Or just have a look at the problem here: see

Any idea what the heck is going on?

Many thanks and regards,