Weird class error

I’ve got some code in a file called

The code starts as follows:

function initialisation()
    kitchenVideo = "kitchenVideo.flv";

There are a few insignificant lines aboe the kitchenVideo = … line…
And there are other bits of code below.

The compiler just throws an error saying something about AS2 classes.

But… after much time and ■■■■ effort…
I’ve tracked down the problem to this line.

I’ve read Penner’s book. I can’t remember, but I think he mentions something about a class referencing itself or something by calling it’s own name??

I’ve got Moock’s AS2 book… just starting to read…

The problem is that even if the line kitchenVideo = … isn’t the same as the file name, it still throws an error. It’s only when I call the variable a completely non related name does it stop throwing an error.

WHAT’S HAPPENING!? :frowning: