Weird coding

i was doing a bluesfear tutorial on motion and there was this code that wasnt even in the list of scripts?
waht does accelflag mean?
onClipEvent (enterFrame) {
if (this._rotation == 0) {
rotateIncrement = .1;
if (rotateIncrement<=1) {
accelFlag = 1;
if (rotateIncrement>30) {
accelFlag = 0;
if (accelFlag == 1) {
rotateIncrement = rotateIncrement*1.1;
if (accelFlag == 0) {
rotateIncrement = .1;
this._rotation += rotateIncrement;
how did he get it to work with a code that is not even in the list?

accelFlag is a variable. a variable can be any name u want

number = 5;

enemy = jumping;

character = dying;

how do u insert and when do u insert a var?

Once you create a variable, you can call it at anytime during you movie. Lets say your making a game and you want your character to have 100 coins… you would do something like…

var coins:Number = 100;

now you have created temorary information. So wheneva you call ‘coins’ in your script the 100 value is returned. Lets say you have a dynamic text box where you want the characters amount of money to be displayed. You can call on the coin variable. Say the money display box is called moneyLeft_txt…

moneyLeft_txt.text = coins;

now in the money left box will be the number 100 as that is what the variable coins contains.

i dont get how it reads it though
thx for the hhelp