Weird issue with opening a PDF via geturl

i’m running mac os x 10.4.2 and recently installed Studio 8. here’s my issue:

i have two mac projectors made from the exact same fla file, one projector was published from MX 2004 and the other from Studio 8. i have a button that opens a PDF file via the geturl command. the MX 2004 projector works perfectly and opens the PDF right up into my browser (safari) BUT the Studio 8 project (made from the exact same file) tried to open up the PDF with golive…

i have no idea why flash studio 8 won’t act the same way as MX 2004 and launch the PDF in my browser, especially since i am using the geturl command. is this a bug with Flash Studio 8 or is there a setting in the new version of flash that will allow me to set which program to use to open PDFs?

the only way i can get the projector to open up a PDF via the geturl is if i publish from MX 2004. can anyone help with this? if not then buying studio 8 was a huge waste of money.