Weird Movieclips and _x,_y

I have a movieclip, mcSTAGE
Inside frame 1 of mcSTAGE is mcGEORGE (he’s located at around _x=80, _y=100 inside mcSTAGE)

mcGEORGE’s actionscript is
attachMovie(“mcGEORGE_BOMB”, ‘b0’, 1001);

Now, even though mcGEORGE_BOMB is drawn at the correct coordinates. That LOOKS good, but it keeps going down until it collides with something. The problem is, the actionscript believes that the bomb starts at {_x:0, _y:0}, and collides with terrain on the very left.

How can I make it so the actionscript starts at {_x:80, _y:100}?