Weird <mx:Text> Issue

Hey everyone,

I’m working in Flex and I am getting the strangest error that I cannot figure out.

I have a canvas that has an image and some text (the mx:Text in question) side by side and a label under this text.

For the sake of it we’ll call the id of the text “title”.

When I trace out title.height, it seems to work fine, unless there is only 1 word on the bottom line of text. That is, when I trace it out with 3 lines, I get height = 56, 4 lines with only 1 word on the 4th line it gives me 56 as well, but if I have more than one word on the 4th line I get 70-something, and all is well with the world.

I have tried measuredHeight, explicitHeight, textHeight and all yield the same results (except textHeight but the overall result is the same).

I would greatly appreciate anything anyone could do to help me here,

Thank you,