Weird problem


hi all again…
okie here’s the deal

when i try to loadVar from a php file, it works on my flash program loading off from my site not locally… but when i upload it and test it fails in loading…

any reason for this?

ok i did a bit of testing… it works when in published in flash player 6 but not in 7…
any reason for this? the flash player my IE is using is the latest… <= in flash version 6 <= in flash version 7

menu18 textbox got a “fail” which I included if loadVars.onLoad is unsuccessful… the variables are not going in… anyone knows why?

and both works fine when preview on my computer…

Usually when the problem is solved by switching publish format, the problem has to do with variable name ie
in mx
thisVar == thisvar;
in 2004
thisVar != thisvar;

make sure to check as 2004 is CaSe sensitive.

hi again… dunno if this is a new thing or just me…
apparently… !=

i think is my settings or maybe i need to place that cross domain thingy… confused
anyway now that I know whats wrong… everything is fine… :slight_smile: