Weird square when loading

i have created a presentation in MX 2004.
you can see it at .

visit the link and pay attention at the first 5-6 seconds and you will see a white square appearing. why is that ? and why white when my background is black.

*) on the first scene we have the preloading thing:


***) **then we have the second scene that has on it’s first frame a huge sound loading from internal library. we still need the sound to start from the first begining and not streamed…
this is how i do it in the first frame of the second scene:

radu = new Sound(); 
radu.start(0, 999);

and after this frame we have the whole animation and fading pictures set.

how can i fix the white that appears?. i bet when we see that white, the movie is not even 0% loaded because of this huge file that needs to be inserted on the first frame of the second scene, right?
thanks for your help.

PS>> maybe i can fix that with a HTML tip or trick, not Flash