Weird thing happening with my Flash Calendar

I’ve been putting together a calendar, and sometimes it displays the previous month. Could anyone check to see if it works correctly for them? click here.

The code is pretty straight forward.

current = new Date();
month = current.getMonth() +1;
day = current.getDate();
gotoAndStop (month);

Love to know if it works correctly for anyone else first time.

Its working fine on my comp.

It’s good on mine.

When it first appears the month January is there for a split second and then it jumps to the current month. The ‘select month’ button doesn’t do anything and the month 11 appears. Looks good from here on many different browser versions though with all the dates in the right place.

Thanks for checking every one. Yeah, the month does nothing, it’s just a quick check to see if it worked. That 11 down the bottom was probably the day 11th. Never had to use date commands before, so was just sussing things out.

I love this board. People help, and are polite. YAY for Kirupa.

Never mind.
Your calendar seems to work for me too, by the way.

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