Weird variable problem with movieclip event

Hi all!
I’m kind of a noobie, so go easy on me, please.

I’m trying to create a little game in with AS2 that makes the user hit targets. When a target has been hit, the scores amend accordingly (1 point is added to the score). Some of these targets are static, so I have made them buttons. Others are supposed to be moving around the stage, so they’re movie clips.

Now, with the buttons, my script works beautifully: The scores amend every time I release the button, just as I want them to.
I have tried making the movie clips perform the same actions and have succeeded partly, BUT:

  1. When I click on a movie clip, the scores will amend only once (i.e. the first time I click on the clip). No matter how many more times I consecutively click on it, nothing happens. It only changes the scores again when I click on another button or other item on the stage and then go back and click on the mc.
    But I want the movie clip to react the same as the buttons, i.e. add 1 point every time I click on it. (Consecutive clicks = points added consecutively according to number of clicks)

  2. When I try to go from the button to the movie clip and then back to the button, the scores should amend automatically with EVERY click. But what happens is, for instance: I click on the movie clip and +1 is added to the score. Then I click on a button - and actually, what it should do is add another +1 as soon as I go and click on that button. But it doesn’t. It does not react when I switch from clicking on mc to clicking on button. After having clicked on the mc, I have to click on the button two times in order to make it work, because it will not react upon the first click.

But when I click on a button and then just re-click it and re-click it, it will do exactly what it is supposed to do and add +1 on every click.

I am going nuts trying to figure out why this is and how to fix it.

I’m aware you probably need some more info to be able to offer a solution. Throw 'em at me. I just didn’t want to write a novel here and bore you to bits but quickly wanted to describe the general problem.