Well it aint much

Well my site is not really what you would call visualy stimulating, but I use many aspects of the load movie command to bring various peices to the user when they click on my hit spots.
There may be some problems with Mac users and the load movie command, so if the “dial” comes up but none of the buttons work, and you’re on a Mac, it’s because I haven’t solved the problem yet.
I’m currently working on a number of other sites that will probebly be more interesting to view. When I have them done I’ll post them.

(If there are any questions feel free to post here or Email me at [email protected]

Just click on my sig.

Hey upuaut8,
I think the site is pretty neat. I like the rotating dial…very unique. I’m on a Windows based PC, so no problems with navigation here! I like the Load function you use. It keeps users on slow connections from having to wait to load all the information without actually clicking on it. Cool site!

thanks. I’m my own worst critic most of the time :slight_smile: I do think that I’m onto something with it. Just need some content. :lol:

Thanks to all who signed my guestbook. :slight_smile:

How did you make that signature upuat? Is that FBF (frame-by-frame) animation?

This tutorial should have what you’re looking for.