What are good laptops to check out?

I’m thinking of getting a laptop to replace my computer in the near future.
I have a:

  • AMD 2GHz Venice Core
  • A8N-E
  • Nvidia 6600GT 128MB DDR3 PCI-E
  • 1,5GB DDR400
  • (802.11g wifi card)
  • 80GB + 80GB + 200GB (HDD)
  • DVD writer (it works for double layer, +, -, cd, etc… No lightscribe)
  • 19’’ LCD (DVI) + 17’’ CRT (VGA)

I usually play [COLOR=Red]World of Warcraft[/COLOR]. Use [COLOR=Red]Photoshop[/COLOR], [COLOR=Red]Flash[/COLOR]. Besides IM, and browsing the internet…

I’ve been looking at laptops and I figured i need help with it. Never payed much atention to them…:expressionless:
My main question:

[COLOR=Blue]- What laptops do you recomend me?[/COLOR]

My picky questions are:

[COLOR=Sienna]- Is it a smart idea to replace my computer at this point?

  • Should I try to keep something from my current computer?
  • Should I just try to get a laptop later because of tech upgrades in the coming months?
  • What kind of importance does a dedicated GPU have in my case?
  • What kind of monitor size is generally used when in my situation?
  • What kind of processor should I look at?
  • What brands make better laptops?
  • Should I get any modifications to any laptop I get to allow better usage?
  • What laptops have better battery life?[/COLOR]