What are some good things to eat that doesn't have to be hot?

So this school term I got some crappy schedule that has non-stop classes from 3 to 8pm. Is there something I can bring to class and eat? It should be, listed in priority:

[LIST=1][]healthy (as few fats / sugars as possible. protein++ is good)[]could be eaten cold/cooled - it’ll be in my bag for a few hours[]not messy - some desks are those small right-handed panels attached to the chair[]not noisy - crackling sounds disturbs quite a few people[/LIST]

I could buy it if it’s available in Vancouver, BC Canada. I could prepare it myself. Just to switch it up every day I should have a few choices. So far I have some ideas:

[LIST][]Subway[]Sushi (can’t be in room temperature too long though)[*]Sandwich - but that’s pretty plain since there is not much vegetables.[/LIST]

Any recommendations? :slight_smile: