What are some random obscure coding-related tools you use?

One of the things I’ve realized is that a lot of us have some weird requirements as part of our jobs. I tried explaining some of them to my friends recently, and I just got some blank stares back :eyeglasses:

What are some of those obscure tools in your world?

For me, it is this: https://www.freeformatter.com/xml-escape.html

I do a lot of copy/pasting of code into HTML for the articles I write, and escaping all of the weird characters that break HTML is time-consuming. This tool fixes this problem :slight_smile:

This isn’t one I use a lot but it’s a great free bitmap font creation tool. I just realized on my phone it’s a flash program so…enjoy the blank page unfortunately. :frowning:


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This style guide for writing in code voice.

xcode-select for swapping which swiftc I’m using.

Yeah, sometimes the language you use in a team or dept really doesn’t translate well outside of that group.

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