What are the capabilities of Actionscript as a server side programming tool?

Dear friends,

I came across a fantastic tutorial called QUIZ by JUDY HALL in the tutorials on AS3 on a site called actionscript.org. Its a great demonstration of of Objects and Classes to create a fully functional Quiz. I also wish to create a similar program but i want to know if AS2.0
OR AS3.0 can provide the following features as mentioned below:-

  1. Can a similar quiz be created as a server side application using AS2.0 or AS3.0

  2. Where each user on the client side will have a unique ID and password for logging in and taking the quiz.

  3. Ensuring that only one person may login from a machine or a network of machines.

  4. if a given session is abandoned midway, is there a method by which the state of the program may be notified to the server so that the quiz may be able to proceed from the same point / place / question from where it was abandonoed once the client logs in again. Basically this i think should be the persistence issue and i am not sure if AS2.0 or 3.0 implement it or not and if so how can it be used.

  5. Ofcourse login times and dates need to be maintained and stored and some other parameters of the program may also need to be stored.

These are some of the questions that I, as a relative amateur, would like to ask the gurus and experts here.

If these can be achieved then I would like to know how. Any tutorials discussing these or similar problems would be a great place for me to begin. Any pointers or direct help is welcome.

Thanks for any help from anyone.