What brand of DVDR discs do you use?

I’ve had a DVD+/-RW for a few months now and everytime I burn a movie, it reads fine on DVD drives, but whenever I try it on DVD players, it just continues to read, but doesn’t play. I’m thinking it has something to do with the Memorex DVD +R discs I have right now. I’m using DVD Shrink & DVD Decrypter and from what I’ve heard, others didn’t have problems with teh software. So my question is, what brand of DVDR discs do you use? Will things change if I try a DVD -R disc?

I use TDK but not sure if you guys have it in Canada.


yeah, we have TDK, but i havent seen any DVD-R discs.

Thanks, I will try the TDK DVD -R discs if I can find it

I think it all depends on your DVD player and whether or not it can read CD-R’s and DVD-R’s.

yeah, hes rite…usually the more expensive ones read everything, and the low end models only read DVD’s

Hmmmm strange.

I run Memorex DVD +R discs using DVD Decrypter and Clone DVD and have never had a single problem with DVD Players. Used in PS2, Xbox, and standard DVD Players with no problems.

For a while I thought it was my DVD player, but the burend DVD+Rs doesn’t work on my friend’s DVD player either…