What did I do!?

Hey, how come nobody ever wants to help me with MY Flash problems!! I help everyone else but never anything for me!

Phew, I’m over it now…

What problem are you having then ?

These two posts:



You should cool down fren…

Yeah, sorry. You know how it is—you try getting something to work for ages and you just go insane after a while. Sorry to all offended

Don’t worry coz kirupa is one family. =)

Hey, nice site by the way ben. How exactly do you use your “bouncing” technique for all your menu items? I’m fine with easing and I have an IDEA of how to do this but you seem to have made a great job of doing it and I’d love to know how. Any chance?

Many thanks,

All the easings are done with Robert Penner’s easing equation.
visit his site and buy his book if you’re keen - http://www.robertpenner.com

Cheers mate, appreciate it.

Hey, I’ve had a look and downloaded the .as file for this elasticity but, to tell you the truth, I have no idea about how to use it. First of all, I’m not even sure how to incorporate as files into Flash and which way should I actually use these functions?