What Do You Suggest Instead Of Tracing Bitmaps?

Hiya guys,

Let’s say I have Layer 1 and Layer 2. On Layer 2 I have a background image of a forest, on Layer 1 is a photo of me. When I imported the pic of me onto Layer 1 I traced the bitmap so that I could easily select and cut out the background from the original photo, so that it looks like I’m in the forest, and I can move around in there.

I want the pic of me to still look like me, however as we know tracing bitmaps will create a ‘cutout’ effect unless you make the file size very large. Due to this, and the simple eraser not being very precise…is there anything anyone can suggest I do to remove the background of a photo so I can cut around a shape?

I’ve tried to press ctrl B so that it breaks up the image, but it doesn’t help.

Hope I’ve explained this properly?!?!