What do you think of this layout?

Hi, I´m making a layout for a model agencie, they ask for something simple but elegant, I dont know if I achieve it, thats why I want to ask all of u people… inside very white square its going to be a pic of a model, I cant add it yet…What do u people think???

i Love it

Looking good ^^

thanks both :slight_smile: this site its important, if u people have any critique it´s always welcomed, good or bad

Hm… well you definately hit the simple part… but I don’t think you’ve really hit elegant. When I look at it, it comes across as more of a t-shirt, shoe, uban… type site… not a model site. I saw some type of modeling site that was simple, yet elegant… if I find it I’ll post the link so you can take a look at it. Obviously I don’t promote ripping, and I’m not sayin you would, but other ppl may think that’s what I’m saying you should do. It’s a good site… but elegance just doesn’t seem to be there quite yet.

If you do a model site I think you should want to go with plenty of white space (positive). I got a kinda sleezy/juvenile feel from it by the use of the font chicks (man that font burns my biscuits). The color selection is not the best for the subject matter. When I think a model site I think Curves, elegance and class and also contrast.

But then again that is just my idea, you know the client better than I…so.

yes, that´s what I need, curves! ur right…I´ll also play with different color combinations…:slight_smile:

I really like the layout. But alot of the model site’s that I have seen have all been on the darker palate side with alot of contrast. And also try to incorporate some other fonts that font is a little juvenile, I think. I mean it is a good design, just not giving off the model vibe. I think by playing with the colors and fonts will really help the feel. I did a little work on a model site: http://www.dyaddesigns.com/petra_menu/petra.htm I only worked on it for a day but. It might help you with some ideas.

Do not take any of my comment to heart, cause you are good!!

thanks man, yes Im working on a layout with darker colors and it´s looking better, also changed the font for a more serious one, I´ll show it later :slight_smile:

that site was coming nice, finish it! :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks Man…

Will never happen. Can’t wait to see what you come up with!!:slight_smile: